Systematic Approach For Innovation

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Synergene R&D, established in 2007, has a team of dedicated and well qualified scientists with an experience ranging from 2 to 20 years. The team has a Technical advisor with an experience of 41 years whose expertise mainly lies in filing patents. The labs are well equipped with reactor capacity ranging from 0.25 lts to 50 lits and consist of Auto clave and Rotary evaporator.
Core responsibilities
Identification of potential and synthesizing impurities at lab scale
Adopting structured review mechanism over the process during optimization stage

Evaluating the genotoxic impurities immediately after process optimization
Completion of feasibility and a full length process optimization at R&D center
Filing patents to have a FTO position
Recovery and Reuse of solvents/reagents/catalysts to check the process capability Reaction Capabilities Grignard reaction
Asymmetric reductions
N-Butyl Lithium
Halogen Exchange/Substitutions
Michael Additions
Coupling Reactions
Granted Indian patent no. IN283492 dated 23/05/2017 “Improved process for the preparation of Escitalopram Oxalate”
Granted Indian patent no. IN287150 dated 06/09/2017 “Improved process for the preparation of S (+) Dapoxetine Hydrochloride”
Granted Indian patent no. IN314738 dated 26/06/2019 “A process for the preparation of luliconazole”